22 January 2009

Welcome Sammie!

Just before winter break, we adopted a cat. He is Sammie, 5 years old, handsome of face and sassy of character. His interests include chasing balls of tinfoil around, hitting the 'nip, putting his butt in C's face, and wet food days.


When we first brought him home, he was very shy and spent most of his time under the bed. C. and I left for winter break barely knowing him, and we arranged for friends to check on him and the rats every few days. I felt guilty for making him think we had abandoned him. His previous owner had left him too - but, she had left everything and everyone, by passing away.

When we came home, Sammie was a new cat: friendly, chatty, cuddling in C's lap and following me around the house, apparently so glad that we had returned to him. He is a classically-trained actor, it turns out - recognize the role? That was a nuanced performance of Kevin from Home Alone. Kudos also to our friends for their cameos as the Wet Bandits.

If you have doubts about our Sammie being an actor, please look no further than this exclusive promotional still from his new feature film, The Curious Case of Benjisammie Button.

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