22 April 2008

The knitting continues

I made a second R2D2 hat to match the one I made for C. - which he found out about, because he is a master detective! Or, because I put a bunch of pictures on Flickr, and he is on dry land now and has access to regular internet and looks at my photos.

So the first hat took me more than a week to finish, but this second one took me just two days. Yesss I am honing my craft. Hopefully this is an exponential process... Cornwell says he believes soon I will be able to make R2 hats in SECONDS.

Yesterday I went back to the store for more yarn, because I also have some hat requests from my friends to fulfill. I also wanted to get some double-pointed needles, because I have been knitting small circumferences (like the tops of hats) in a this super-inconvenient jerry-rigged manner using stitch holders, random implements, and prayer. But they were out of size 7 double-pointed needles! I left the store with just yarn...

Then I stopped at Salvation Army thrift store, and found a box of random mismatched knitting stuff. Down at the bottom, I found a number of double-pointed needles - not quite the size I need for this project, but I could see them coming in handy for future endeavors. They weren't marked with a price, so I went to the counter and asked how much they were going for... and the guy said I could just have them. For frees! He put his finger to his lips and Shhh!-ed in a stage whisper, to indicate that wrongdoing was occurring. Don't tell anyone, okay, Internets?

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