17 June 2008

Tiny sweater

158 - 6/15/2008
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Speaking of George Washington again, the picture at right is what he would look like if he was wearing a sweater.

I made this little item based on this pattern, but I made some alterations. It's small, fiddly work, but I really like how it turned out. It's a gift for Brims, who always wears stripes.

I'm still a new knitter, so I am trying to learn some new techniques with each project I do. This little sweater taught me how to love increase stitches!


Premium T. said...

Your blog is hilarious. Love the tiny sweater. I still have some that my mom knitted in the 60's for my "Midge" doll.

illenion said...

Thanks for reading! That sweater reached its recipient (in the middle of the Gulf) just a few days ago.