28 July 2008

7/27/08 Marcus and Elena Roadtrip Log

12:15pm - Meet up at Uwajimaya. Beer, shrimp chips and pho are purchased.

12:45-1:15pm - Travel through South Seattle. Marcus is cranky. We almost die at the hands of an angry motorist.


1:30pm - My iPod won't let me play the soundtrack to Step Up 2: The Streets. Nooo! Spice Girls is the alternative. Set your spirit free, driving to the Palouse. Tonight, is the night, when Elena goes to Moscow.

1:46pm - Marcus took out his belly.

2:41pm - When In Rome's "The Promise," dedicated to me <3

2:51pm - Vanity plate seen: "TT EATER." Marcus is certain this is "Titty Eater." Also: "MACHOMP." "Isn't that a Pokemon?"

3:16pm - We saw no deer, despite attempts to summon them from the hills. Tempers running short. Food rationed, grueling pace. Marcus died of dysentary.

3:20pm - We are at VANTAGE, WA!

4:12pm - "What kind of woman are you looking for?" "Well, I want to eat a titty, that's the first priority."

4:20pm - Othello Burger King, nom nom

5:05pm - "A 3/4 white baby, that's money in the bank. I've dabbled a little, and in the current market..."

5:09pm - Captain's log. Stardate: Palouse. Well, we aren't in the Palouse yet, but it's getting a little Palousey up in hurr.

5:22pm - Marcus hit me, and is trying to censor me - SEND HELP PLEASE

5:25pm - Listening to William Joel's "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)" in celebration of Movin' Out (Elena's Song).

6:17pm - Almost there! We are in COUGAR COUNTRY.

6:42pm - We're here! Stay tuned...

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