22 July 2008

Weekend movies

This past Saturday, I saw two movies - Wall-E in the afternoon, and The Dark Knight in the evening. It was a broad-spectrum kind of day.

I don't have much to say about Wall-E, except that it was so sweet and adorable. The plot overall was pretty cynical and kind of dispiriting, but Wall-E and Eve's interaction was just so, so cute.

Regarding The Dark Knight - there are a lot of ways to portray the Joker, but I personally prefer a CRAZY Joker. I don't really care for a goofy, Jack Nicholson-style slapstick Joker, I like a real sociopath. A really deranged, criminally insane dude - which is what Heath Ledger delivered. After we got out of the movie that night, someone in our group asked if anyone else was fearing for their lives at any point during the movie. The answer is YES. Am I now sort of terrified that the Joker is going to show up in my dreams and cut my face open? That is another YES. That was some good crazy.

Other crazy dudes I like in movies include Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York, and that guy from No Country For Old Men -
Marcus: how did you like ol' no country
Me: it freaked me OUT. i closed my blinds behind me because i didn't want javier bardem to come shoot me in the head
Marcus: it's just a movie
Marcus: there's no such thing as javier bardem

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