26 February 2010

Viewers like you!

It appears GHOSTWRITER will be out on DVD soon. (Thx for the tip Marcus). I haven't thought of that show in years, but I was so into it in elementary school! Loved a good mystery, still do, loved the book nerdery - but also, as an only child, I took the idea of imaginary friends pretty seriously. The series spoke to me, and I may have on occasion worn a pen on a string around my neck in solidarity...

A couple of Ghostwriter plots have stayed with me through the years, one of which was the Very Special Episode about DRUGS. I remember not really knowing what drugs were, but having the vague understanding that they were Bad, and so I watched the episode cautiously, thinking I could get in trouble if my parents found out.

It was exciting to be suddenly, vividly reminded of a long-lost piece of childhood. I should check these DVDs out, I thought for a second - but reality quickly set in when I realized there's no way that watching the show today could be as satisfying and entertaining as it had been when I was 6. Nothing... is like it was when I was 6.

Seriously, check out this title sequence for Ghostwriter. I don't remember it sucking, but suck it does. Alas.

Well, looks like this is one show I won't be rewatching any time soon. I probably wouldn't be able to get through it without internally making snarky comments*, tarnishing the purity of childhood memories.


*I'm already doing it: So... the black character's name is Jamal, he has a fade and wears a tank top over a t-shirt? Original. See also Vince from Recess**.

**Veering off topic, but it appears someone is using Polyvore to recreate the outfits of the Recess crew. Huh. Do Pepper Ann next!

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