05 May 2008

The Philippe Chronicles

I was thinking of regaling you all with a story from my trip to Australia last year, but I suddenly got paranoid that the star of the story might someday, somehow find this blog and read about himself and... feel bad. I know I'm all about making fun of jerks and hating stuff, but in this case, I feel like what we shared was too special to just openly mock on the internets. I'm not trying to break any hearts, here.

So, I'll just tell the story in the manner of IMDB Plot Keywords: Australia, Austria, inappropriate touching, museum, opera, Red Bull, space exploration, unusual odor.

As it turns out, I can also tell the story using relevant selections from IMDB Plot Keywords from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: American abroad, Austrian, college, escape, Hitler, ignoring warnings of peril, map, obsession, reaching, religion, train, tunnel.

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