07 May 2008

Using words to make a thing

My last two posts got me thinking about brevity, and daily projects, and how they might be combined.

I really like [Something]-A-Day projects, I think they are an interesting way to track the passage of time. Every so often, I take a look at my Photo of the Day from exactly a year prior. See what I was doing then, compare it to what I'm doing now, and think about everything in between.

In my paper journal, I have toyed with the idea of starting a sort of Poem-A-Day project, but with a specific form in mind: Allen Ginsberg's American Sentences. These are evocative lines of 17 syllables, and you can read about them here. For some reason I have never been that interested in haiku, but the restriction to 17 syllables is a challenge I can appreciate.

Slow day, nothing to write? 17 syllables shouldn't be too hard.

Busy day, too much to write but not enough time and energy? Just 17 syllables! Pick up the rest of the story next time.

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