01 June 2008

Spoiler alert!

If you haven’t watched the video for R. Kelly feat. Usher’s “Same Girl,” then you shouldn’t read this. Or, if you only watched part of the video, then stopped before the end because you thought you “got it” already (yes, I was a fool and did this at first), then you shouldn’t read on.

Here is the spoiler: Kells and Ush think they are both dating and being played by the SAME GIRL, but assuming the video is canon, it is revealed that it is actually identical twins. That makes sense, right?


Traits shared by the twins from R. Kelly feat. Usher's "Same Girl," in relative order of plausibility:
  • Physical attributes – height, body proportions, complexion
  • Beauty mark on left side of mouth
  • Tattoo on ankle
  • Has a child
  • Georgia Tech alumna
  • Nicknamed “TT”
  • Well-paying job at TBS
  • Lives on 17th and Peach Street, in unknown city in Georgia
  • Attends music industry parties
  • Drives a black Dodge Durango, with vanity license plate reading “ANGEL”
  • Loves some Waffle House

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Aubrey said...

I have had this discussion with SO MANY people. There are no answers.