11 September 2008

I'm having a rough time lately with Life Stuff, so I have been sublimating my FEELings by keeping constantly busy working on various projects. Also, apparently, by eating ice cream and Internetting in the middle of the night.

Project highlights!

- Fingerless gloves for dad, using this pattern and some of my beloved lambswool.
- Alpaca hat for mom, pattern not online.
- Little things like this baby hat for Afghans For Afghans. Pattern here, easy and cute.
- A cross-stitch inspired by Subversive Cross Stitch. I did up my own pattern, and it's pretty simple, but I find cross-stitch really boring so I never want to work on it for any extended period of time. Right now I could literally be done with it after 10 minutes of dedicated stitching, but the reality is that I probably won't pick it up again for a while.
- And my current favorite thing, GIANT SHIRT. I bought a giant shirt!

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