07 September 2008

O'er the ocean

Here is a picture of an exercise my dude and some other folks put together recently (see also picture of the day here, or front page article of the most recent and sort of adorable Penny Press):

Meanwhile, here is something I observed this summer on Lake Union:

It's the Duck Navy! Five in front, and three way in the back, on the very right side of the picture. They rendezvoused and conspired under the shade of a tree, then suddenly all charged out in formation and went cruising around. I though they looked pretty sharp, but C. had this to say:
"Their spacing is a little lax. Not indicative of their seamanship at all."
What they lack in seamanship they apparently make up for in entertainment value, as later on I got another email from him on the topic...
“I took your photo of the ducks and invented a tactical signal (using existing doctrine) that would order the other ducks into station off the first one, the guide...

The first duckie (on the left) is the guide - as if he were the underway replenishment ship, or the ship the others come to to get gas and stores. Then there's one on his STARBOARD QUARTER (behind him and to the right) who would be in 'waiting station', waiting for the oiler to call him alongside. The one directly behind him is in 'lifeguard station', hanging out behind in case any peeps fall overboard!

Then I wrote that the two at the top of the picture were Iranian Navy, coming close to get a look and see what we're doing.”

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