04 February 2009

More like... farces

The new version of iPhoto (the photo organizing software on Macs) has a Faces feature that is supposed to automatically recognize people in your photos, which you can then label with names. Once you have tagged a few pictures of a person, iPhoto is supposed to “learn” who that person is, and suggests other photos that they are in. This works… sometimes.

Other times, it has been telling me that there are faces in or on inanimate objects, random unfocused things in the background, all kinds of crazy stuff. Here’s a list of people who I told iPhoto to look for, and the pictures it has recommended for them:
  • Marcus = biscotti
  • Former professor’s 8-year old daughter = Cup Noodles
  • My white-haired aunt = Stu with yarn piled on his head
  • Jake Gyllenhall = Mr. Bean mask
  • Matt = picture of a picture of Kevin Bacon
  • C's coworker George = George Washington from Mt. Rushmore
  • Aubrey = closeup of a kitten’s eye
Well iPhoto… if there’s anyone that is the sparkle in a kitten’s eye, I would also say it’s Aubrey.

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