16 March 2009

Recipe for hilarity! Also, cookies.

Searching YouTube for the phrase "me singing [artist's name]" is a pretty rich source of comedy.

My current favorite is this one... it's not hilarious due to extreme amateurishness like you might expect, it's just kind of quietly amusing because of the guy's vaguely elfin qualities.

Say, you know that mumbling, la-la-laaa, don't-quite-know-all-the-words way that you sing a tune when you're just tooling around the house, doing chores or whatever, with no intention of having anyone record, let alone even HEAR you? This guy decided that rather than keep those moments private, he would share them... with the world!

Onto the cookies... my new favorite cookie recipe is these Lime Meltaways from Martha Stewart. They are just all-around great - super tasty, easy to make, easy to modify if you prefer a different citrus flavor, and pleasant to look at in the mixing bowl, even.

I've made a ton of these in original lime, and also a few batches of tangerine, dipped in dark chocolate rather than powdered with sugar, and a few batches of lemon without zest - pretty good, but they'd be improved by the zest. The lime cookies are the ones I crave, however.

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