15 May 2008

Have a listen

I am crotchety and set in my ways, so I generally think that the best music has already been made, and that everything new is dreck and kids these days with their sadcore this and Wizard Rock that.

But every once in a while, a new artist comes along who touches me just right in the brain and in the heart, and I am hooked. Then I have to say, "Sorry for not believing in you, New Music... I hope we're cool."

This week, I am listening to Mika's album "Life in Cartoon Motion" and LOVING IT. What fun tunes! I wish I'd know about this guy sooner. I found out about him in a really roundabout way, which involved this entry from Reformatted Songs, some Wikipedia-ing, and the vague recollection of a reworded version of "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" in a commercial for Ugly Betty.

Speaking of that song, it contains a great delivery of a line. It's the part where Mika goes, "Get yourself to the Butterfly Lounge/find yourself a big LAYYYDEEE!" and the whole thing reminds me of like... Freddie Mercury plus Jerry Lewis. Which equals a line, and subsequent rhymes, which I am physically incapable of NOT lip-syncing along to. Even um, when I may or may not be in public, like hypothetically on the bus or something. LAYYYDEEE!

Everyone get this album immediately! It will make you feel super!

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