20 May 2008

Fun times with Stu

This past weekend my good friend Stu was in town! The weather was warm and amazing. The weekend felt so full to me that it spilled over into Monday, and I am only just now realizing we have entered the work week. Look at me, all saying "work" like I have a job. Saying "week" like I haven't lost all concept of time.

We went to a wedding on Saturday, which is something we did last spring, too. I'm not a church-goer, so I'm never sure what to expect from the ceremony. Last time, the ceremony was Catholic and there were all these moves I didn't know anything about, like Communion and shaking hands with people around you. There was also this part where everyone made three little crosses to represent God on your mind, lips and heart... when everyone was doing this, I looked around and seriously thought that the guy next to me was just scratching his forehead.

At this wedding and the one last year, I have not known the bride or groom, so I got to schmooze with strangers and eat food and just hang out. This time Stu was a groomsman, which meant we got a good seat at a table right up by the action. It also meant that we got to cut in line for food, so I got to the bacon-wrapped chicken Cordon Bleu that much more quickly - before everyone stripped the bacon off and left the chicken. Rude! (Or is it... brilliant?)

Then on Sunday, Stu and I made our triumphant return to the University District for the Street Fair, which we also went to last May. It was great for people- and dog-watching. I got my first sunburn of the season on my cheeks and arms, because I am from a mild clime and don't understand the sun. How is it that I ALWAYS underestimate the sun? (You may remember such classic Elena vs. The Sun moments as: me falling asleep in the Australian sun for hours, without sunscreen.)

What a great weekend! I miss Stu all the time since he moved away.

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